Memory, Like Life Itself, Is Fleeting

The Nature of Life

Musta Scratched Up a Vocal Cord Real Good This Time!

After yesterday’s “fried dumpling” mishap, my throat was sore for the rest of the day. Today, it’s not sore as I sit here, but when I try to speak — I can do so, but not for great lengths as I start coughing from the irritation. Don’t really know how far down the old windpipearooney that chunk progressed before I hacked it out, but it feels as if I may have left a bit of fried dumpling residue in one of my bronchial tubes.

If I get pneumonia, well know why.

Oh well, it’s not the worst thing to happen to anyone.

And I did get a new office chair today!

Screen Shot 2015-02-28 at 9.00.37 PM


Something to Ponder as You Formulate Your Nefarious Schemes


The best laid plans of mice and men are interrupted by the grim specter of death. Sometimes it is expected. Far too often, however, one gets up in the morning blissfully unaware that it’s all going to be over with by the end of the day. It is to the sudden, surprise nature of the ultimate curtain call that concerns us here.

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